Leonardo Rossi

Web Developer / Consultant
I am a
PHP Developer IT Consultant NodeJS Developer Backend Engineer Javascript Artist Web Expert

I believe in standards, open source projects and best practices. I work on the web, for the web. I can't make the world better, I can make your world better.

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Web Development

Web Application Development

Let's build together beautiful web applications, tailored on your needs.

API Servers

Your solution as a service

Build services your customers can use. Build your business around your endpoints.

Mobile Apps Backend

Because every app needs a server!

Let the backend handle all the logic of your business.

How I Work

Analyze the problem

What has to be done?

Three questions:

  • What is your goal?
  • What are you doing right now to achieve it?
  • What's wrong with that solution?

Develop the solution

Code code code!

I don't reinvent the wheel! Frameworks and CMS that are the solid basis where your solution can be built.

Clean code, design patterns, tests and best practices are a must for a web application in order to be upgradable, maintanable and understandable by others.

Deploy your product

Ready to serve

Deploy your app onto the server must not be scary! Every release can be rollbacked, database is migrated safely.
Update your app will be as easy as click a button.

Maintain your product

Keep it up and running

Your data is safe with scheduled backups. If something goes wrong, alerts will pop up in your control room. Logs are always there to tell you what's going on.

The goal is to keep you app running 100% of the time.


Being a developer nowadays is not just about coding.

Working in the backend involves a wide range of skills such as databases, filesystems, networks and general I/O.

Supporting tools like version control or testing are a must, if you want to code without panic!


  • 5+
  • Years Experience

    It's hard do tell when I started programming. It could be 2001? Or 2003?
    Passion for IT and Networks born when I was a child and already planned my studies since middle school.

    Every day I learn something new, and I try to put it in my work whether it is a new programming language, a new tecnique or a new process.

  • May, 2016 Present
  • namecheap.com logo
    Current Job

    Namecheap.comSenior Software Enginer

    Working on EasyWP with Laravel framework and lots of devops stuff like Kubernetes and Docker.

  • July, 2015 April, 2016
  • Business Cat

    Pageload.ioSoftware Enginer

    Developing pageload.io in NodeJS using other technologies as Redis and InfluxDB over a AWS infrastructure.

  • November, 2014 Present
  • Business Cat

    FreelancerIT/Web Consultant

    Back on my own, I work as NodeJS and PHP Developer. I'm focused in Laravel framework.
    My goal? Make a client happy!

  • November, 2012 November, 2014
  • Cynny Logo

    Cynny PHP/Node JS Engineer

    Me and the developers team were in charge of the achitecture and the development of a higly distributed tag-based filesystem (CynFS) where the cloud storage lives. The development involved many other related projects such as a hot-load code updater, a scalable and progressive software distribution system and a file system explorer.

  • October, 2010 November, 2012
  • I coded for food

    FreelancerPHP Web Developer

    I worked for Web Agencies in Italy and Australia, providing solutions based on Wordpress, Yii and Zend Framework.

Università degli Studi di Firenze

Master of Science in Information Technology

I focused more software engineering and networks.
My thesis was about software for people with impairment. After that a blind student was able to design and test a Turing Machine with a Java software.

Università degli Studi di Firenze

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Main focus on Mathematics and Algorithms. My thesis was an Eclipse Plugin written in Java that lets people draw graphs using the GEF Framework